5 Things Your Flight Attendant Wants You To Know

Even if you’re not a frequent flyer, there are some things you should know. Even if you fly once or twice, flight attendants want you to know some things that will make your journey safer and better. Here are 5 things your flight attendant thinks you should know before boarding a plane;

Being nice goes a long way

Flight attendants are people too and it doesn’t matter if they are wearing work uniforms perth, you still have to be nice towards them. They are more likely to serve you better and be more helpful if you are not rude to them. They only get paid for the time they are in the air so technically, time before that is at their discretion, it is not their duty to help you out. They appreciate you saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and are more inclined to want to help you.

Planes aren’t clean

Flight attendants have seen things on a flight you wouldn’t want to dream about. They want you to know that planes are pressurized cabins with germs of all the people on board and more! Please don’t roam around with your socks off or snuggle up too much with blankets on because they don’t get washed as often as you think. And those food trays are the worst!

It’s better to bring your own snacks

Most flight attendants don’t even want to eat the food they serve. The food is prepared to withstand intense pressures at high altitudes and is not the best nutritional option. It is okay to eat but it is preferable if you bring your own snacks; it’s safer and better that way!

Hand sanitizer is your friend

Always keep a hand sanitizer handy! Planes do get cleaned but not as often as you think and even when they are, it’s between flights where there is only time to wipe down things as quickly as possible for the incoming passengers. Always trust your own cleaning and use hand sanitizer as much as you can.

Your kids are your responsibility

Taking care of your kids is your responsibility! A flight attendant might be nice enough to help you out but that doesn’t mean it’s their job. You should always carry some snacks or distractions for your kids to play with during a long flight so they don’t get agitated and are not disturbing the other passengers either. And please don’t let your kids wander around the plane and that too, without shoes!