Is it convenient to open a screen printing laboratory?

I would like to try to open a small screen printing business, but I have two big doubts.

In the past I happened to buy silk-screened knits at an average cost of 4.50 euros per piece (3 colors, 100 pieces per order), a very affordable price.

Considering the running costs of an activity, do I have the possibility to live of this job?

Is the profit margin per order low and should I consider having to earn on the amount? How much does a neutral t-shirt cost to a screen printer on average … to be able to sell it worked at such a low cost?

Undoubtedly, the decision to open a screen printing workshop is important and must be carefully weighed, above all to understand what setting to give to your production.

Fears about the possibility of earning income are immediately dispelled by the fact that thousands of screenprints in Italy exist and derive income from them.

It is important, I said, to set up the business in the right way.
The decision to open a screen printing laboratory is important and must be weighed carefully, especially to understand what setting to give to your production.

The market prices of the shirts have a very wide variability: we find the meshes at 4.50 euros each, and evidently those who produce them have set their own activity on the quantities.

Or we can find high quality knits at suitable prices: even in this case it is a matter of choosing and understanding the needs of the market to which one turns.

Also keep in mind that print prices, for those who print on behalf of third parties,

The price of the neutral t-shirts to be personalized is very variable: there are cheap t-shirts for less than 2 euros each, or an excellent fabric polo shirt for more than 4 euros each; printing prices, and also in this case, vary accordingly: it costs more to print on a good fabric than on an economic fabric, on which any processing waste has less impact.
The purchase price of this clothing does not depend on having or not having a VAT number (it is also sold to private individuals), but on the quantities that are purchased: for large quantities an appropriate discount is applied.